Does Mac need antivirus software ?

Apple periodically deletes antivirus applications from App Store, claiming that their protection system is so good that users do not need other third-party solutions. The new devices of this brand really have many degrees of protection: unique hardware, firmware and software architecture; data encryption; Touch ID; six-digit PIN codes; branded application store where there is nothing suspicious; installation of user applications in a closed sandbox; Find My iPhone feature. These designs protect against most attacks. There are situations where the user needs even more protection and privacy.

Review of the best antiviruses for Mac

One or more of the best does not exist - otherwise all other software products would not be in demand on the market. Each software offers different. Nevertheless, the most popular can be distinguished.

NORTON SECURITY, in addition to directly checking for viruses, has many features that are exclusive to the mobile platform. Some functions are used only when the application is open. This is definitely a little inconvenient, but if you care about protection, it's easy to open the software when turn on the device.

This antivirus for Mac is downloaded for free from the App Store and from the Avast website. Avast Secure Me positions itself as the first application in the world that protects all Mac devices connected to NORTON . Low resource consumption makes it ideal choice for Mac .

This antivirus is another well-known brand in its arena. McAfee Security notifies of current defense errors and protects Mac . You can download this free antivirus for device in basic version, or pay few dollars for additional features.

The value of this simple and functional application is that it is completely free, and installation will not affect the performance of your device. There is no slowdown on Mac , so users may not even notice that the antivirus is installed. The software runs smoothly and does its job without constant pop-ups and notifications.